15 October 2009

goal met!

i only have a quick second to make this happy announcement:

i am wearing my old skinny jeans today!

i hit my target weight this morning (just barely, but i'll take it.)

i've been hitting my little goals slowly but surely but not posting about them since, well, i just figured it was T.M.I. (too much information-hehe).

BUT the end weight was met today! and really, those last ten pounds ARE the hardest and really, i haven't exercised in almost two months (minus playing with my kids and the random family stroll around Laie)

so this brings me to my sad conclusion, this is the fastest and easiest i have ever lost weight and although i am sure nursing a baby helped me some really-


for maybe the first time in my life.

i'm not 18 anymore. :(

did i do free saturdays? no, those were nasty and out of control.

did i do atkins.

no. sick.

southbeach? YOU diet? grapefruit? hollywood? insert trendy diet name here?

nope, nope, nope.

i just didn't eat a ton of crap. that's it.

and then for the last five pounds i joined my friend in trying to break our sugar addiction.

because i know from my own experience and a million others around me that once the impossible to live with diet is over you gain weight back because no body lives on extremes forever.

so, if i got my body to crave sugar less then when i entered the real world again i wouldn't yo-yo or balloon- making all my hard work for nothing.

the first week of breaking my sugar addiction was not easy because i didn't even realize how much of my everyday diet was so sugary. i would be like irritated at night- like i could feel it under my skin and then from there on out it got easier and easier.

i get my frozen yogurt with toppings once a week and i am good and as the weeks go by, i feel less and less like i want those toppings, which is nice. i can enjoy them but not HAVE to have them and all the other junk i used to eat.

so, that's it. i'm keeping it up for curiosities sake, maybe until christmas. if you are interested in my results i will let you know.

it feels good to be more healthy, less addicted to sugar, and more able to fit into my clothes and run around with my kids. i have toning to do for sure, your body just changes as you have kids, it's a fact, but i feel good and that makes me happy!


Keli'i and Megan said...

Awesome! You look fabulous! I always say it's easier to control what goes into your mouth than to get on a treadmill and knock out eight miles to burn off whatever crap you ate! Good job!

ashley said...

you go girl! ha ha, i love that saying! but seriously, that is awesome! way to go. i have been meaning to post about my "save my teeth diet" it is very similar to yours. cutting out those sweets is the way to go! and i wish i could lose weight by not working out, i have to watch what i eat and work out like a mad woman! anyways, great job. your rocking those skinny jeans!

diana palmer said...

dang, you are but an inspiration. a super HOT inspiration. if only i could take back those 3 dove chocolates i just feverishly gobbled.

Atwood Ohana said...

Hooray for you! You did what all us moms wish of doing after childbirth. So thanks for motivating the rest of us. hahaa. You always looked great that I can remember. So if you look even MORE great, well...then wow! haha. take care...your boys are so dang cute!

melissa marie said...

yes, that's the only kind of diet i'll ever believe in. just be healthy, sisters. however, i have to say, not everyone can look so killer as you with that simple plan. most of us have to be ok with "healthy" instead of "totally killer." but that's just fine. (and maybe i'd be a little more killer if my definition of "healthy eating" weren't so broad...peanut butter cookies...)

.Ang. said...

I still need to lose Brylie's baby weight...how sad is that?

You look fabulous!!!

Way to go!!!!

liko said...

i'm in there with ang -- and i STILL have my old pre-baby skinny jeans stored somewhere in hopes that i can ever fit into them again...

you look fabulous!!! awesomeawesomeawesome!!!

maybe i should cut out sugar...but then i eat other crap...dangnamit.

Matti said...

whoop whoop! awesome job mamma. I can't wait to see all the cute skinny clothes you get to buy now. ;-)

Jessica F. said...

Look at those skinny little legs you have. WAY TO GO!!! Sugar is always my make or break.

Audra said...

Congrats! I am proud of you!

Roeckers said...

WAHOO!! You go girl!!

laurel said...

Sugar. I AM an addict. Truly, it IS an addiction. Breaking that addiction would be HUGE. Good Job to you!

Maylin said...

Happy day!!! You look fab! Blast that sugar--and you there living so close to all those sugar cane fields!

I sit here in my skinny jeans thinking to squeeze in while I can 'cuz they are not going to fit anymore in a month or so (hint, hint...shhhh). Here we go again!

Brady and Rachel said...

What can I say!... YOU ROCK!!!

Carrie said...

Woo woot! You look slammin. I also love this same "diet." We are currently on a must eat fiber diet because the thing that came out of my two year old this morning scared me to pieces. tmi? :)

Mariko said...

DANG! You're doing great.
I haven't lost any weight, but I feel better. I agree. First week is the hardest.
I haven't exercised at all either. Something about doing both this and that makes it mind-impossible. Weird, yes?
Skinny jeans! I got rid of those years ago. :)

star said...

Woohoo Hot Mama! You look Fantabulous. You look as amazing as you are!

Melissa said...

your so hot!:)

I think cutting back on sugar does the trick every time.

So have you bought your Downeast clothes yet? I think I need a post about them.

Melissa said...

oh and that shirt is so cute! I really need to see that better.

kimball said...

I am impressed.

Emily said...

More cupcakes for me!