09 December 2008

i'm bossy like santa, he's obedient like an elf

said by me from my billing laptop in the next room,"and after you're done stuffing all our christmas cards into envelopes and printing out the newsletters and stuffing those too.... could you take some pictures of our christmas decor??"

said by him as he's feverishly folding newsletters and stuffing them with christmas cards into envelopes that he printed with christmas return address labels, "yeah, sure."

and then by me again, giving orders like a bossy santa, "and the christmas cookies we made tonight too!" (i could have at least tried to sound jolly or made my baby bump shake like a bowl full of jelly)

said by the kind christmas elf, "yep." he's good to me (he even added a christmas border to each photo, nice touch t-rob):
Mini Tree
Nesting Dolls
Sugar Cookies
Crystal Nativity
Christmas Deco
it's looking pretty merry and bright around here mom and dad- you better hurry over!

(oh yeah, and those cookies are my mom's awesome recipe... and speaking of awesome recipes... you know what day tomorrow is? the deadline- by midnight hawaii time folks! need a reminder of the guidelines? ok, get those recipes to me. we have a pretty great collection so far. this is gonna be awesome!)


www.trailbrain.com said...

That's almost exactly the conversation I just had with Chrissy! I just got a honey-do list this afternoon.

UGH was my response.

Your husband is better trained.

Good for you!


ashley said...

look how festive you are. i now feel like scrooge. thanks.

Bille said...

Yup I feel like the grinch, nary a decoration in sight.... But you have inspired me to get on it.

liko said...

i feel like ashley, i got nothing Christmas-y around here. i'm saving all that for Oregon. I love the pictures, your house looks so festive! the cookies look yummy, and i love the shot of the nativity scene. what is that? glass? love it all.

Audra said...

I think he took some great pictures, the two of you are very creative!

sheila said...

what kind of nativity scene is that? I like the pictures, as always.

Melissa said...

you did catch a good one!

i'm in love with the santa clause nesting dolls!

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

hey liko and sheila- it is like this little glass cube with the nativity etched into it with lasers... sounds like science fiction but it's the best way to describe it that i can think of :0

rachel said...

I love these photos. They are perfect.